Chase movement, vitality of life
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Chase movement, vitality of life

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Chase movement, vitality of life

The African savanna circulated a proverb: everyone lived a lion; the day we assumed the gallop......

Figure 1: a ribbon in the sky, we have prepared a, tug of war movement was a bit fierce; force to appear in this game, we feel very deeply, also to the fullest. Here winning seem a bit trivial, lack of team sports and team cooperation we need each other to trust each other to show their own strength, self-confidence, among team members and rely on we need to experience in the shortest time and ready to;

The six teams, two camps; men and women team, we enjoy the release of our passion, bloom of our youth, conquer the world with youth, with the power to defeat an opponent.

Figure two: tug of war

Two, table tennis relay we never such an occasion to ping-pong honest, with great care and worry that too much time, use the ordinary words "depressed". Participants in earnest, fueling restlessness; a time transfer we send a trust, smiling face time on surging in the heart of the joy, and now also to experience the feelings of the moment;

Three, hula hoop relay 15 person time relay, anxious people turn hula hoop are crushed, the competitions to evaluate, again red two teams broke early record to 58 seconds pass, the infinite possibility of the team, we realized.

Figure three: hula hoop four relay race, skipping the relay of the game, we realized that the "bucket principle" team competition, individual ability is secondary; when we have this kind of consciousness began to devote our action, a unity of body and mind of the time, no matter how much we lack of movement of cells, as long as the heart, so light, jump jump happy, get the first.

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