Shenzhen Datong Precision Hardware Co., Ltd
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Shenzhen Datong Precision Hardware Co., Ltd

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Shenzhen Datong Precision Hardware Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Datong Precision Hardware Co., Ltd. (Wmould) is a China manufacturer supplying high-quality mould spare parts worldwide. To meet customer requirements, we insist on sustainable innovation, and comprehensively provide ejection series, inclined ejection devices, positioning parts, date indicators, position limiting clamps, cooling parts and other plastic mold matched products and service programs in accordance with JIS, DIN, AISI and other international industry and brand standards.

In the vision of “standardize global mould parts”, the company provides global mold opening masters with high-quality, low-price and fast-delivery standard parts, and meanwhile, provides customers with relevant “processing non-standard parts according to customers’ drawings and materials” and other customized products as well as high-quality “one-stop” service by virtue of excellent hardware facilities (automated high-accuracy processing and inspection equipment), professional technical team (provide the latest 2D & 3D design data, technical exchange forum, design & installation schemes and so on for high-quality customers) as well as flexible and efficient in-depth service philosophy.

Wmould has won the trust and recognition of over 95% of high-quality export mould customers by virtue of high cost performance, fast delivery, professional technical support and other comprehensive advantages. Currently, our products have been exported to more than 30 countries such as Germany, Singapore, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Japan.

Looking into the future, Datong Precision will continuously adhere to the business philosophy of “Respect, Trust, Positivity, Struggle, Integrity, Value, Performance, Innovation”, and create long-term value and potential increase for customers, the society and our staff in the objective of “Industry Pacemaker”!

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