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It was sunny today,my mood liked the good weather.

It's time for our staff morning meeting again,after breakfast,all of the staffs gathered in the square.

Ms.Xu was the protagonist today,she shared her previous experiences with us,which is an inspiring speech.

Xu went out to work when she was very young,it was difficult to find a job without education in 2006,she felt self-abased and hopeless.But fortunately,she met her fellow and helped her into a factory.

Xu was a aggressive and hard-working girl,she was strict with herself and strived to do everything,soon she got the boss's approval and became the shift leader.She felt proud of herself,the first success made her tick to work even harder,she went to understand staff needs and suggestions,she used to rest time to enrich herself,she read innovation class management books.From the shift leader,to challenge for her,but she was high,the challenge,the face also in constant progress,explored her potential.

I greatly admired her,I was very encouraged by her story.I learned that the work of a diligence fool doubles that of a lazy wit.


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