Meet us at SIMM!
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Meet us at SIMM!

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-05
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Meet us at SIMM!

15th March, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang had the Chinese and foreign press conference at the Great Hall of People in Beijing.

As it was International Consumer Rights Day that day, so the journalist from China Consumer News asked the Prime Minister, ‘It is the ‘3·15’ today, could you please say something to consumers?’ Li Keqiang said, ‘I and you are all consumers, and we all need the protection of consumers’ rights and interests. To speak in Network language: We need to give high quality products ‘like’, to ‘pull the black bad profiteer’. Let us work together, to make high quality products more and more day by day, and to make our life better and better year by year!’ I’m very impressed with Mr Prime Minister’s answer.

Back to myself and our company Wmould. We are making mold components and provide solutions for mold makers. I’m taking charge of the overseas business in our company. I’ve always been thinking,’

What can I provide for my customers? Can we do better for our customers? If I were the one that buy these mold components, what would I want as a consumer?’… I believe the same questions had been considered by our company’s Founders Mr Yu and Ms Pauline, and by our engineering and production staff over and over again.

We keep asking ourselves these questions and then we answer them as consumers, we make improvements in products and services after that. Maybe this is why that we can keep the top three position as a mold component manufacturer in China for over 15 years.

Although we still have a lot to do to become better and even the best in the world. Our aim is to become the industry benchmark in the world, and to bring consumers all over the world more and more high quality products and to make our life better and better.

To achieve this, we need your feedback about our products. From 29th March to 1st April, we will show our new products and solutions in SIMM (Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition) in Shenzhen convention and exhibition center. Our booth is 4C73 in the fourth room. We are looking forward to meeting you there!