Wmould's Celebrattion for Winning Fifa World Cup Asia Premier 12
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Wmould's Celebrattion for Winning Fifa World Cup Asia Premier 12

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Wmould's Celebrattion for Winning Fifa World Cup Asia Premier 12

Beijing time on March 23th evening, located in Helong Stadium Changsha Hunan province, in the 35th minute of the match for 2018 Fifa World Cup Asia Premier 12 , Chinese player Yu Dabao kicked the only point and made China won the match to a China vs South Korea 1-0.

Chinese netizens commented on social network platforms like this, ‘If the Chinese Football Team can beat the Koreans, then what else is unable to achieve?’, ‘O-M-G! China won! Apparently I gotta be more serious about my life now!’ … Some even posted the picture above in WeChat Moments and commented like this, ‘When did Yi Jianlian go for football games?’, ‘Good for you Yi Jianlian!’,‘Oh no doubt China won this time, thanks to Yi Jianlian.’ … Well people, to see from the photo above, this player might be like Yi Jianlian in some ways, but he wasn’t! This is Yu Dabao!

Despites all kinds of strange comments online like such, all Chinese are very thrilled and excited about the news. After all, it is not easy to win after so many years of defeats and disappointments.

And to celebrate the Goal and solute to the ‘Never Give Up’ and ‘Keep Working Hard’ spirit of Chinese, the staff of Wmould organized a basketball game in house on 27th evening.

Below are some photos that I want to share with you about basketball game of ours xoxo:

Oh, and look at the basketball in the sky ↓, I wonder who caught the ball at last :O :

And let’s see a group photo of all players, those handsome guys are from Wmould’s overseas sales, engineering, QC and production department. ↓

You can also watch the vedios of Wmould basketball games in the links below, guess which team won the game? The first 3 customers that guess right before 19th April 2017 will gain a surprise gift that provided by Wmould.

Link 1:

Link 2:

More wonderful and exciting moments, please pay close attention to Wmould! (Visit our English site at and welcome to emailing to Kate Jiang to inquiry about mold components!)