Wmould Recruit Overseas Partners, Waiting for Your Joinging in Us!
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Wmould Recruit Overseas Partners, Waiting for Your Joinging in Us!

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Wmould Recruit Overseas Partners, Waiting for Your Joinging in Us!

Wmould Recruit Overseas Partners, Waiting for Your Joinging in Us!

Recently, there was an anonymous asked a question in Quora:

Which country is the worst: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Russia, India,Ukraine, China or North Korea?

So far, there are 46 net friends answered this, among these answers, China wins the selection for being ‘the world’s worst country’ with high votes, although the reasons make people cannot help laughing.

Below are some answers from Quora:

1. @Denny Schh:

‘Of course is China!

Chinese people’s still living in the Stone Age and our material life is rather primitive! This is Shanghai(3 pics), … And this is Shenzhen(3 pics)…’, and Denny posted some

pictures of Shanghai and Shenzhen(Kate Wmould® mold components is located in Shenzhen xoxo) ↓:

Shanghai ↑

Shenzhen ↑

2. @Rockey Cui:

‘China!Firstly, China is a developing country. Not like US, UK, Japan and so on, which are developed countries.Secondly, people hang out without wallets. Maybe they don’t have a wallet. It’s unbelievable!

Most of them don’t use bank cards to pay. What poor people they are! They can only use mobile phones to payment, even old people.’

‘Thirdly, China was once known as the kingdom of bicycles. Nowadays, people do not have the extra money to buy a bicycle. So some companies have established a bicycle-sharing system to provide individuals with an alternative form of public transportation. People go to work by public bike.’

‘At last, China prohibits people from using guns. At about 6:00pm, the nightlife of the city has just begun. People can go shopping, have dinner parties, go to KTV to sing songs, play computer games with some friends in Internet Cafes and so on. This is my hometown’s nightscape. It is just an ordinary city in central China. The nightlife of international metropolis which just like Shanghai is more colorful. How borning it is! Why people hang out at night? Why not people stay at home? It’s sooo worst.’

For reading more answers from netizens, check out the link from Quora:

On 1st April, The People’s Daily posted a news:

China Scientific Research Did Something Big Yet Again, Foreign Media Finally Say 2 Words Out:’You won!’

What did China scientific research team do then?

That is ‘Quantum cryptography communication’. The first industry revolution started from the steam engine, well the next technology revolution will probably be ‘Quantum communication science’. And ‘Quantum cryptography’ is just the key to light up the quantum communication tree.

As early as 10 years ago, IBM and Microsoft and other international enterprises took the lead in spending lots of money in quantum science application. A Chinese leading figure in quantum communication area said, ‘Back then I was studying in Austria and one day I introduced my idea of ‘quantum communication’ proudly to my colleagues in lab, they were awkward cause they didn’t have the heart to tell me that that was their daily work already when I thought that was my creative idea.’ But then who would have known that 10 years later, China would have become the ‘Big Mac’ in this field.

Back to the field that I’m working in – mold industry. The company I’m working in is Wmould, we manufacture all kinds of standard mold components, fixtures, non-standard precision parts. Wmould was founded in 2002, we’ve been serving for over 5000 customers from inland China and abroad, we have over 30 branch companies spread all over China. Maybe 10 years ago, we only knew Hasco, Meusburger, Misumi. But now, Wmould is going to surprise you!

to build an office together in your local market, or you can become our agent in your area, or… The next Wmould overseas partner can be you, what are you waiting for? To know more details about becoming an overseas partner of Wmould, contact

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