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On enterprise culture and Exploring entrepreneurship

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On enterprise culture and Exploring entrepreneurship

  • What is corporate culture? What does it mean?

If you ask me with a smile, I'll freeze in a second!Its value and meaning cannot be defined by specific characteristics or amount.Just as we will never be able to answer the question "Why does love cost more?"!

For Netflix, culture is the driving force behind their success.The importance of corporate culture cannot be overemphasized.The corporate culture has helped Netflix build a high-performance team capable of innovation and content production.It has also driven Netflix's exponential growth, overtaking Disney in market value twice in April 2018 and 2020.

No subversion, no innovation.Netflix regards corporate culture as the soul, the core content outside the business, process, domain and so on.

In my old employer associations, for example, the three elements of management "organization, set strategy, take team" entry in the daily reading when begin: the first week is arranged by the HR department of human resources training, learning enterprise culture, system, articles of association, listen to the teacher read it again, ten times, recite, and test qualified, can only be assigned to the corresponding department, by department to arrange another older employees (elder) sideband learning and assessment, a month after the independent work.Also natural clear oneself should what to do, what to do well.The boss's acceptance criteria, important indicators of the department, work summary, lack of improvement, next month plan......Every detail can not be ignored, every qualified Lenovo every day is head erect chest, full of energy running on each post.

Well done, monthly assessment results and bonuses are the best affirmation;Did not do a good job, salary reduction, adjustment, annual 5% of the end of elimination, as an invisible sword, aggressive!The annual pledge meeting makes every lenovo member feel encouraged.The corporate DNA is continuously rooted into the heart every month;The daily "help and belt" mechanism, league building activities and so on, make us in the system as in the "social university" inside the high wall thrive.

There is no doubt that pride in being an Association person, voluntary discipline, and continual improvement come from within.Therefore, lenovo's culture and management philosophy has been talked about by the manufacturing industry, widely spread.

Corporate culture is large to beliefs (values, vision), internalized into business policies, rules and regulations, style of doing things, behavior habits, etc.Nothing that is displayed on words or hung on walls counts.Engraved in the hearts of employees, printed on the bones, the smell from the inside, habits become natural behavior, such collective cognition, execution is the real DNA of the enterprise.

So, corporate culture is a kind of invisible vitality.Like a rope that extends infinitely forward and approaches the target, and can push the target higher and higher, follow it and hold on to it, even in the storm, thunder and lightning, and crawl forward in the dark, not lost in fear, but closely connected.This kind of cohesive strength, let the team achieve the goal together, achieve the climb.

  • So how do we build a culture? How to innovate culture?

In 2001, Netflix experienced a major crisis when the Internet bubble pushed it to the brink of bankruptcy, cutting its workforce by a third, eliminating vacations, unnecessary policies and procedures, and handing power to employees.

The result is that business is intact and everyone moves faster than before.

The best way to understand what makes Netflix unique is to focus on and promote "freedom" and "responsibility."It combines "system management + 'person' management + discipline".This' person 'is not the manager of the enterprise, but the employees themselves.

(1) Adults only.Being an adult means being able to take responsibility;They solve problems, not run from them;Understand the discipline.

(2) Make sure everyone understands the company's business.

(3) Absolute honesty, fairness and transparency are essential for true efficiency.

(4) Only facts can defend opinions;On the contrary, opinions without facts are worthless.

(5) From now on, build the team needed in the future.

(6) Employees and positions should be highly matched, not just matched.The indicator of team building success is "highly matched, future-oriented."

(7) Pay employees according to the value they bring.

(8) Good gather good part.

  • Only a struggling culture can attract talents.

"Team culture" is the most representative, the purpose is to win the championship, to win, there is no "I", no "you", only "we".

Culture is a strategy about how employees work.If the employees who join the organization believe in this strategy, they will be there to help the organization think more deeply and make various attempts to iterate.

As we all know, bosses and managers have limited time and energy, and no one is omnipotent.A professional must be more competent than a boss or an executive.This means that in the professional field, only he (she) can have a greater possibility of continuous breakthrough, the realization of the professional field of high, fine, special.

  • Take Pixar innovation as an example:

Jobs invested $50 million around the time he started Pixar.He described Catmull (the President of Pixar and Disney animation) as "self-aware", "very, very smart" and with "soothing power".So how does he manage a creative team?

1.Team members are free to criticize, that is, they must speak their minds;The project leader leads the system and gives the leader the greatest power.

2.Fail as soon as possible.-- Make mistakes quickly and correct them quickly.

3.Encourage risk-taking.Taking risks means creating new things.

The four mindsets of culture:

Culture is virtual, so we should make virtual things real.

Culture is scattered, to spread the content of aggregation;

Culture is high, we should lower the attitude of high;

Culture is hard, we should make the hard form soft.

Five Identifications:

(1) Industry identity (2) Enterprise identity (3) Professional identity

(4) Team identity (5) Self-identity

Examples of relevant famous events and characters :(expand culture, expand influence, and continuously internalize power through events and characters)

The Inverted Wall of Alibaba Taobao -- From another Angle to see the world, "Inverted Culture"

Ali Ten (Ali's largest virtual organization)

-- Film school, English school, photography school, pet school (evaluated as "cultural communication machine", "happiness maker")

The most beautiful Ali person - Wu Juying, pick up the child empty-handed

The beaten up little brother of SF -- beaten up in 2016, President Wang Wei took him to go public in 2017 to ring the bell

Entrepreneurial spirit attracts the construction of enterprise culture

Entrepreneurship is the source of corporate culture, and leads the continuous improvement and development of enterprises in the process of operation, and finally turns into the values of the organization.

The values of entrepreneurs (personal traits) have an important influence on the development of enterprises and largely determine the content and direction of corporate culture.

The leader of an enterprise is the propagator of culture, and the individual spirit of an entrepreneur expands (attached picture) into the spirit of a group of entrepreneurs, forming a cultural form and gradually evolving into an organizational structure dynamically, which has a strong symbiosis with the enterprise.For example: Ren Zhengfei of Huawei, Liu Chuanzhi of Lenovo, Zhang Ruimin of Haier, Ali Ma, Chu Orange (Inspirational Orange) Chu Shijian...Their personal charisma has become the charisma of the enterprise, is the strength of the spokesperson and access to resources and the main source.

They "teach by words and deeds", extending personality, thinking and cognition to the common cognition of the entrepreneur group.Expand your initial personal relationships with like-minded people, stretch them out and thrive as colleagues and teams.In the past four decades, the "fighting spirit" and "innovative spirit" of Chinese entrepreneurs have been shining. They have influenced and moved generations and brought about China's rapid rise.

However, the spirit of Chinese entrepreneurs (the vast majority) also has a "soft spot" :

1. Restless ideas: Due to the specific cultural background, Chinese entrepreneurs are often trapped by ideas and cognition, unable to "break the circle" of thoughts and actions.They either stick to the traditional business model or are eager for quick success and quick profit. Most Chinese enterprises are resource-oriented and opportunity-oriented rather than "energy oriented".(Weak growth of knowledge innovation)

2. Power complex: Chinese people attach too much importance to power and too much importance to being the boss."Better be the head of a chicken than the tail of an ox" and the heavy burden of poverty are still carried on the shoulders of contemporary entrepreneurs.

3. Eager for quick success and quick profit: "making a show" is more important than practicing internal skills, "telling a story" is easier and faster than doing practical work.Opportunism is a synonym for cleverness, hype, planning, play karate everywhere.

4. Lack of long-term development, determination and endurance: After forty-one years of reform and opening up, the average life span of Chinese enterprises is only 5-6 years. Most of them are very young.In Japan, there are more than 40,000 enterprises with more than 150 years of operation, and the longest life span has been more than 1,500 years (" Focus on one's own business "). These long-lived enterprises tend to be small and beautiful family enterprises focusing on specific fields.

List of Some Excellent Chinese Enterprises over 30 years:

5. Chinese enterprises like to "go it alone" : When business leaders think about the development of enterprises, many of them think from the perspective of enterprises themselves.Although there are circles, such as associations and Chambers of commerce, most of them have obvious utilitarian colors, rather than solid cooperation based on mutual benefit and mutual trust. Therefore, it is difficult to get rid of the loose and arbitrary status quo, and there are few individuals or groups that really contribute to the good construction of society, industry and industry out of responsibility and empathy.

To sum up, entrepreneurship precedes corporate culture, and their own characteristics:

One is: continuous learning, self breakthrough, insight into human nature.Always embrace change and persevere;

Two: Innate business acumen.It is the courage, perseverance and intelligence to constantly "change yourself" that keeps the company working closely together to keep pace with The Times.This is the internal driving force (corporate culture) for a company to be sustainable, vigorous and enduring.

Life is like a compass, your height determines the size of your circle, your thinking determines your position, position does not move, you draw many circles it is concentric circles.The mind does not move can never see the scenery outside the circle.

It's not the worst of times, it's not the best of times. It's our time.

The entrepreneur loves the enterprise, only then can the body practice that does not fear every difficulty, strives for success to be worth, the faith which determinedly moves forward day after day transmits to the side person, leaves you the nearest talent to be able to have the firm belief!Like a lamp lit another lamp, the fire passed from generation to generation.

Finally, with a "Letter to the future" dedicated to our contemporaries, shoulder to shoulder, suffer together, also painful and happy, let us all run toward the centennial enterprise that side, firmly forward...

In the future, history will surely make the achievements of our times to illuminate generations of young people who continue to struggle!


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