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Introduction for latch locks


Features of the plastic mold parts of the parting locks


What is new with Datong precision on July?

Datong Precision have spent six million dollars in producing the mold components, which are standard component model compatible with Japanese, US, Germany and EU standards. We have all the component you need in our inventory with great quality and low price. A number of our products are on sales now with 30%-50% discounts. To learn more please visit   Additionally, we have our own manufacturing plant and professional technical team to satisfied your need for customized, non-standard component. Please contact us via if you want any product that is not offered on our website. We will do our best to satisfied your unique need.   We have our own warehouse for mold, which is stocked with all kinds of components. We are able to deliver our products to you from our warehouse as soon as you place an order. Therefore, the delivery time is short and the quality of the products are guaranteed.     New product launch- Gas Spring   It is a new type of elastic component to replace the regular elastic component in order to have the performance which a regular elastic component does not have. It has one year or two million times warranty and lifelong after-sales service to ensure our customers to have a wonderful user experience.   We are looking forward to build a stable, long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us via if you need any help.  
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