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Filial piety is the most important of all virtues

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Filial piety is the most important of all virtues. As sons and daughters, we should be good at

understanding our parents' adamancy. The sooner you understand them, the better. Do not wait

until it's too late, and do not hesitate until there is no chance for you to do so. I believe all parents

in this world do not want to be absent from their children's growth. As their children, we shouldn't

be absent from their senility.

You tried hard to bring me up, I try my best to make your later years happier

 and more significant.

Last week, Shenzhen Datong Wmould Organization initiated a meaningful activity among all

staffs called 'Filial Piety Parents, Me-First'.

Lets check out some photos and see how Wmould people filial piety their parents.

Jiang Shijun, who is working in Square Parts Production Business Unit

of Wmould, sent his parents two pairs of shoes through express delivery.

Above is a photo that the father wearing the shoes that sent by the son,

see how happily the father smiled.

Liang Jing, who is working in one of Wmoulds branch companies Huizhou Branch

Company, bought a dustproof glasses for her dad. The glasses can avoid wind

and dust from blowing into the dads eyes. Cool present!

For foreigners, Chinese dishes are delicious. But for Chinese children, Chinese

dishes that from their moms are most delicious. I still remember when I was at

school, my mom would have get up before 6am every school day to prepare me a

yummy and nutritional meal. And when Iwas away home to college, the most thing that

I missed were the dishes that cooked by my mom. Well today, its our turn to cook a

meal for our parents. Above is the photo of Lin Jinwei from Round Parts Production

Business Unit of Wmould that cooking a special meal for his families.

Liu Chengfeng, from Engineering department, sent his dad a smartphone, which

can be taken along with and used by his dad every single day, so then he and his

dad can communicate every single day!

Liu Zhirong from production department, Xiao Guoqing from E-commerce department

helped their parents to do farm work during holidays, so then their parents can take a break.

Ma Delong(from Round Parts Production Business Unit) says to his dad, I cant be side

you to accompany you now, but Ill try my best to make your life and way of travelling

more comfortable. So he booked a flight ticket for his dad when he tried to go out.

Qiao Fang, from Shanghai Branch Company of Wmould, bought her mom clothes

secretly. Why secretly? Because her mom always worries that Fangs gonna become

a reckless spender if she doesnt stop her from shopping. But Fang says to her

mom,Even if I become a reckless spender, but for you, its worthy it.


Do you remember when you were a kid, your parents clipped the nails for you? Well now, its time to return the favor. The photo above is Chen Xiaolian from Human Resources Department of Wmould clipping nails for her father, what a warm scene.



This one is from Zhang Lie, who is working in Automation Molding Business Unit of Wmould, taking her mom to do Khan Steam. Mom, stay beautiful, stay young.

Those above are the stories from Wmoulds staffs with their parents, how about yours? We would like to hear your stories that you with your families, share with us if you want. We are willing to help you to make a special album to keep the treasured memories and spread the love, contact Kate at for the details.

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