Product Details

Wmould Gas Spring WTX20000

The technical and manufacturing capability of mould has been significantly developed and enhanced over the past few years. The Industrial products’ demand for mould is increasing.
The mould is rapidly developing for being more complicated, precise, efficient and durable.

Hence, Datong precision is trying to develop a new type of functional elastic component to replace the regular elastic component in order to have the performance which a regular elastic component does not have. Gas spring is the new elastic component used to achieve such a goal. It is able to offset the disadvantages mentioned above and simplify the process of designing and manufacture. Consequently, it is more convenient to adjust the mould.

Datong precision focus on manufacturing high quality and cost-effective gas spring. We continually optimize the localization of global service. It is the safe and dependable choice for every customer.

Datong precision’s gas springs are available for all countries. It is compatible with standard of Japan, US, Germany, and EU. It has been approved by ISO and PED. Furthermore, it has 2 millions times (1 year) quality warranty and lifetime after-sales service.


Time of issue:2020-11-25 17:44:09