Introduction for latch locks
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Introduction for latch locks

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Introduction for latch locks

Introuction for Latch Locks

MMPLK mold lock adopts disc shaped shrapnel and roller pin structure, which has good stability in the process of mold opening

The structure of MMPLK clamping sleeve is symmetrical. If one side is worn, it can be installed upside down and used again.

MMPLK clamping is made of spiral spring and roller pin.

MMPLK clamping can be of non-standard length, i.e. "K" value and "P 2" value.

· Latch locks, also known as the opening and closing device or the clamping machine, is mainly used in the three-plate mold. It is a kind of opening and closing mold sequence device that controls the template in a mechanical way.

· generally installed on the internal or external side of the mold:

(internal mounting type) internal clamping button: installed in the mold, can avoid the conflict between the water transport device and the external installation parts, that is, the space is saved, but does not affect the overall appearance of the mold.

The mould can be avoided from accidental collision in the process of transportation.Such as illustrations 1

(externally mounted) mold lock: mounted on the external side of the mold, safe and reliable, easy to install and maintain, large clamping force, suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small molds;

As legend 2

Matters needing attention:


· each mold shall use at least two sets of clamping fasteners of the same model and specification and shall be installed symmetrically.