Enjoy work, enjoy life, just in Wmould! Editor: Kate Jiang
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Enjoy work, enjoy life, just in Wmould! Editor: Kate Jiang

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Enjoy work, enjoy life, just in Wmould! Editor: Kate Jiang

  Enjoy work, enjoy life, just in Wmould!

  Editor: Kate Jiang

  On the day of 1st September Tuesday, the whole staff of Wmould are holding a weekly morning meeting.The compere of this meeting is Miss Kate Jiang.

There are 3 programs in this morning meeting:

1. The whole staff play a game 'General Simon Says'.

2. The winners from game one play a game 'Egg,Chick,Phoenix and Human'.

3. Miss Michelle Liu performance a solo dance.

Here comes game one.

The rule for this game 'General Simon Says' is:If the compere starts her words like 'General Simon says,' and give out an order, then the players must do as General Simon says;If the order is not beginned with a 'General Simon says',then players should stay still.Anyone who doesn't follow this rule fails and can not continue playing this game.

Kate says,'General Simon says,'Please put up both of your hands.''Most of colleagues all raise their arms together.

Please put your left hand down.'Kate says.Some of the colleagues put their left hand down, and they lose this game.Because this order is not from General Simon.

The game continues,check out the photo below and see how our colleagues hold their left ears with their right hand.:D

More and more people fail and less and less winners left.And when the game is over, the winners gonna stand on the stage and play another game.Let's see who win game one.

You gotta listen carefully to win this game. Very good,cheers for the winners.Well this game teach us, no matter in life or work,listening is very important.'Kate says.

Ok,here we begin another game.The rule for this game 'Egg,Chick,Phoenix and Human' is:There are certain gesture for being an egg,a chick,a phoenix and a human.And egg

Let's see how eggs look.

And this is a group of chicken.Hahaha…

When you become a human,you don't have to make any weird gesture, just act like a normal person and you can go down stage.Ok,game begins.

Game over,we now get an egg,a chick and a phoenix left on the stage.

A very fun game.why do you end up being an egg?'Kate asks our colleague,the left one in the picture above.

Well,I keep finding my kind to contest with them but always fail,and at last there is no more egg left for me to contest.'

Yes,in life,most of us begin with a same level,but some of us work hard and keep challenging ourselves and we improve ourselves continuously and can create a better life.Well others stay still and lead a not so well life…

At last,Miss Michelle Liu performance a solo dance for the whole company, and the morning meeting ends in happy laughter.

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